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EDAD, which adopt Scientific and clinical studies as principle, is a participatory constitution embracing all fields of dentistry and their components. Application criteria written below, do not aim to restrict members, on the contrary, it aims to define the first step of entering a dynamic community.
Application criteria and necessary actions are as follows:

Membership Terms

If you have participated in the four EDAD scientific meeting (congress, symposium, seminars), please send the relevant documents.

Send before and after photos of the five cases related to clinical aesthetic applications

If you have a scientific thesis from one university, please send one copy of it to be stored in the EDAD library.

If you have three papers, please send abstracts of each of them to be stored in the EDAD library.

If any one of these criteria is complied with you, please fill out our application form completely and submit your application without delay.

Our secretariat will be glad to help you regarding the charge for initial entrance to the EDAD membership and fees.

Application assessment will be reported to you in written within two months at the latest..

We appreciate for your interest for EDAD and hope that it would be sustained.

Together, to the most beautiful one...

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